Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rock Me Amadeus

Today was a huge day that started off in birth city of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart...Salzburg.  

We were treated to an early walking tour of the city streets by our wonderful local guide, Kristoff.  I just want to say that if you have seen the Sound of Music, this city is for you.  Every cobble stone street was a scene out of the film.   The kids broke out in song and dance on every block.  Our tour guide was glad to lead!

When we crossed over the Salzach River to the old town, it was like crossing over to the 17th Century.  Tiny streets lined with shops selling everything from Lederhosen to chocolates.  We split up the group and a few of us adventurous souls took the Festungsbahn to the Hohensalzburg Castle on top of the mountain overlooking the city.  You can see the castle in the picture on the left.  What a view. 

Another few took the tour of the Mozart museum where they were given access to the musician's personal effects, instruments, and copies of his works. 

We left the city around 1pm and took the bus to Hellbrunn, the summer home of the Archbishop Markus Sittikus.  He built an amazing playground of trick waterworks for his own amusement.  Everywhere you walk, you have to be careful not be sprayed by spring water.   For the kids, it was a welcome respite from the heat of the day.

Our last trip of the day was to Saltz Welten, the famous salt mines of Austria.  The kids donned comical white overalls and decended into the mines.  The funny thing is that the salt mines are 2/3 in Germany.  So the tour took them to 2 different countries!  The trip was filled with underground slides, trains, and boat rides.  One of the kids even commented that they loved it because it was so educational!!!  Who are these kids?

We returned back to our tiny hotel and were treated to a HUGE traditional meal of Austrian Goulash.  If you get a chance, you have to visit Gasthof Mühlthaler in Kuchl. The owners know the meaning of hospitality.

Tomorrow (Friday) morning we are scheduled to head off to Vienna! More adventures are guaranteed! 

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  1. Beautiful pictures of the castle that is an amazing view of the city. Have a fabulous adventure!! Love you Mom & Dave,
    Tiffany & Ian