Friday, July 23, 2010

Planning for Fun in the Rain

Hello everyone! 

We are enjoying our first night in Vienna, our last stop in Austria.  After a brief respite in the gorgeous mountain town of Mondsee (Moon Lake), we made our way over here to the east side of the country. Even though we rode in on a bus, it felt like we were in horse and carriage.  The cobble stone streets lined with baroque architecture are perfect for an older mode of transportation.

After a quick walk through central Vienna, we enjoyed a delicious Chinese dinner right down the street from the hotel.  Some of us went to a classical concert featuring music by Mozart and Strauss in the setting of an old and sumptuously decorated palace, while the rest of us went to the museum quarter to enjoy the Friday night vibe. 

It has been HOT ( and funky ) recently, but we have heard we can look forward to a refreshing burst of rain across the region.  As we returned tonight, we just missed a huge downpour.  Some of the kids ran out in it to just cool off.  Everyone says that it will rain all day tomorrow.  It shouldn't be a problem.  Hopefully it will just add too the ambiance of an already amazing city. 

Hope all is well at home.  Please know your kids are fabulous and a real pleasure to be with on tour.

--Sill ( with a little help from friends)

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