Thursday, July 29, 2010

Discovering Prague

This post was written by guest writer, Yliana

The day in Prague had started out early and ended late. Breakfast here was great, I had my first European waffle. But, I have to say they do not beat the waffles back home. The food here is different but still good. Especially the eis (ice cream) and the crepes. Prague may seem like a dangerous place when you first arrive, but it really is not. In fact, Prague is a safe enough city in which friends can go off and explore the city by themselves. We saw many fascinating things in Prague, whether it was the statue of the three naked babies or the city alone, everything interested us. You could say we were like two new puppies entering our new home. It took us a while to get our eyes off of all the scenery.  It was all so beautiful. During the day the entire city stands out and reveals all its beauty.  At night its true beauty shines as the cities lights hits it. There is so much one can do in Prague; whether it's visiting museums, attending concerts or exploring the city and just admiring it's beauty.

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