Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthdays & More Mozart

Hello Everyone!  Hope all is well with you.
The internet is really hit or miss over here.  When we get somewhere with service, I try to post something here, twitter, or Youtube.  Videos come after long bus rides where I have time to edit something. 

We got to Vienna on Friday and hit the ground running.  Lindsey took us on a small walking tour to old Vienna.  The weather had turned a little cloudy which meant cooler.  We needed that.  After a Chinese meal of Mango Chicken (our 1st glass with ice of the whole trip!), our group split up.  Some took in a classical concert of Mozart and Strauss.  The others headed over to the hip Museum district.  A cool and relaxing night for all.

Saturday, July 24th, was a big day for all of us over here. We spent a full day touring the beautiful city of Vienna. There were a couple of us (Mr. Sill and Ilyana) that thought it was a little more special. We celebrated our birthdays!  It seems like there are a few kids that are celebrating birthdays over here.  I know how thankful that they will be for years to come. 

We started Saturday with our laid back tour guide, Boni, giving us the lowdown on Vienna. We covered 1000 years in 5 minutes! I think the kids are getting used to hearing a huge amount of history in a short time. :) Our first stop was the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace. I love how its history connects to the palace we will see in Paris. After a quick stop, we drove around the city covering so many great sites. We finished with a drive over the Danube, a river that we saw again today in Budapest. We had some free time to explore the city. The kids chose to visit the museums, the zoo, and shop. A few of us climbed the 348 steps to visit a tiny gift shop in the St. Stephens Church tower. Feel the burn!

On Sunday morning, many of us ventured back to the church to attend service in German. It featured an orchestra, full choir, and two organs. Breathtaking!

We arrived in Budapest last night, but that is another story!

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