Thursday, July 29, 2010

Footprints in Prague

This blog entry is by guest writers, Alyson and Carly

Our day began bright and early with a three hour walking tour by Charles, who reminded us of a boring history teacher who no one pays attention to. He took us everywhere from the famous Charles Bridge (not named after the guide), the Prague Castle where we were lucky enough to stumble upon the Czech Republic president, and to the incredibly beautiful gothic-style cathedral called… apparently we weren't listening to Charles when he told us the name. No surprise there. We were in the church for about an hour looking at all it had to offer; which included a huge stained glass windows, the largest in the world, and a big tomb.

Afterward, we set forth to explore Prague, a city that could be described as San Francisco, but more aesthetically pleasing.   While trying to get back to the Charles Bridge, we realized we were so far off the beaten path God must have led us to an H&M.  We entered it for some therapy shopping to cure budding homesickness.  Though we were ashamed of buying clothes we could get back home, we felt it was necessary.  We set off with a vague idea of eating at a cafe and visiting the Cartier exhibit at the Prague Castle,  We ended up trekking up and down the winding, cobbled streets of Prague, window shopping, people watching and getting quite a bit of exercise. 

We had the best meal of the entire trip so far at a quaint little hotel and followed that up with an embarrassing encounter with chocolate cake and a lack of Kronas.  We ended our free time with an impromptu stroll through the royal tree garden. Impressively, we managed to make it back to our meeting place on time. After reuniting with everyone and exchanging stories of our days, we headed to dinner.

At the restaurant, we were served the Czech version of goulash (our 3rd!) this time and vanilla ice cream with whipped cream for desert.  Yum.  Once the goulash was halfway cleaned from our plates, we headed off to another late night adventure. Some attended a show at the Black Light Theatre, some went back to the hotel and some gathered up their last bits of energy and walked around Prague some more.

After 14 hours of walking our feet/legs were about to fall off but we had fallen in love with a new city.   

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