Thursday, July 22, 2010

Playing in the Österreich

After a long day in Munich and an emotional trip to Dachau, our trusty guide, Lindsey, knew it was time for a break. There is a tiny lake on the outside of Kuchl where we are staying while visiting Salzburg. With all the energy we could muster, most of us made the small trek to find an a wonderland at the base of the alps.

It seemed like all of the awkwardness among the kids disappeared among the bouncy apparatus, zip lines, and slides. Nothing like giggles at sunset! At first squeamish, the kids slipped into the lake and enjoyed the cool water that must be fed from the nearby rushing river. It was not just a night for the kids. A few of the adults managed to make their way into the lake. Mrs. Ziessler ran in with gusto…fully clothed! Mrs. Sill managed a few trips off the rope swing…some more successful than others.;)

Best of all, it was a day finished with smiles…lots of smiles.

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  1. Dear Mr. Sill,

    Thank you for the descriptive get an A+!! So fun to read of the sights and antics!! Give my love to your dear wife and my dear grandchildren!!