Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Prepared to enjoy the Essence of Europe 2013

Hello all,

We are only a few weeks away from another great trip to Europe using EF Tours with students from El Diamante High School in Visalia, CA.   This summer, we are scheduled to visit the following countries in order: Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and England.

It should be an exiting 17 day trip.  Many of our travelers have never been to Europe.  This even includes some of our chaperones.   The sites we have picked to visit will keep these people coming back again and again.  I know this is true because my wife and I can't stop making the trip across the Atlantic.

We are excited to be bringing along a few of EDHS's finest teachers.  Basically, they are teachers in training.  Since this is the last EF Tours trip for my wife and our family, we are turning over the reigns to Mr. Sheaff and the Perez'.  I inherited the lead role after the passing of our dear friend, Robyn Ziessler, in 2011.  After I left EDHS in December of 2012, we felt it was time to let another teacher from the school take charge.

This summer, we are very fortunate to be traveling with our favorite EF Tours Director, Lindsey, again.  My wife and I have had the pleasure of traveling with her on all of our trips since 2008.  She has become a dear friend and we are very excited to have her again.  Her easy going attitude helps keep the unexpected in perspective and her incredible experience has made us aware of things that we never would have seen.

You can tune into this blog while we are oversees.  I will be posting updates. pictures and news from the road as much as the wifi allows.  You can also follow the 140 character version by following us on twitter at https://twitter.com/ziesslertours (@ziesslertours).  You can also just get the pictures from our Instagram account at  http://instagram.com/ziesslertoursor or simply check out the pics from all of us posting on Instagram with the #edhstravel hashtag.

We takeoff in just over 20 days.  Stay tuned for life (ours) changing events.

Jim Sill


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