Monday, July 29, 2013

Day Two's Trip to Dachau

In between Heidelberg and Munich, we had the amazing opportunity to visit the first Holocaust concentration camp ever built: Dachau. The phrase uttered over and over was, "I can't believe I'm here." We saw the trains tracks on which the Holocaust prisoners were transported. We walked the same path victims walked when entering the camp. We stood in the courtyard where prisoners endured countless horrors.

Most of us had previously studied about the events of the Holocaust, but actually touching the bunks the prisoners slept in, standing inside a gas chamber, and staring into the ovens of the crematorium: these were experiences we will never forget - which is, in fact, why these places still stand: so that we will never forget.  Today, we physically experienced a history lesson,  and although the events it covered were sobering, it is one we are grateful to have experienced and will remember forever.

Tanya Perez

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