Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dinner Time

This is usually an event that doesn't come soon enough. It is a time to refuel after a day of walking and climbing. It is also the time where kids swap stories about their adventures from the day. Who got the best deal from a street vendor, who's chaperone led them to the wrong subway (not mentioning names), and do on.

On our first stop this tour, we have found ourselves enjoying our Barcelona hotel's dinner buffet more than a couple of times. Having this much selection is almost never been part of the plan, so we are encouraging the kids to eat up. A couple of years ago, we ate goulash almost every night, so the choices have been pretty good for the kids.

In my experience, the meals are mostly uneventful with a few exceptions. It is usually benign enough for most any teen palate. The hotel at least features one here daily a pan of french fries so no one starves.

Each meal also comes with a beverage and that beverage is water. Kids learn very quickly to pace themselves in order to stretch those bottles on the table through the meal. Everyone is having a great attitude about the water...even our most die hard Pepsi fans (I'm not mentioning any names).

Sadly this bounty cannot last. Our first morning on the ferry was a testimony to that, but that is another story.

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