Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reunited in Berlin

For some of us, this was the city of choice.  More modern, more shopping, and more like the bigger cities of the USA.  We started our tour off with our traditional guided tour of the city.  Kevin Kennedy was a fast talking, engaging, and sometimes edgy tour guide.  He was the complete opposite of our guide in Prague and the kids welcomed that.

Having spent a few of my younger years in Germany, I was completely blown away by the idea that we were walking around in East Berlin.  Now, years after the reunification, you can still see the sharp contrasts in architecture.  For the history buffs in our group, Berlin was the epicenter of World War II lessons.
As if walking through the pages of a book, we crossed under the Brandenburg Gate, climbed into the dome of the Reichstadt, and strolled freely across Checkpoint Charlie.  These were almost unthinkable acts when I was younger.

The kids all seemed to love the city.  They talk about the easy to use subway system, the countless cafes, and great shopping.  Many of the kids rented bicycles, visited the zoo, walked along the artwork painted on still standing sections of The Wall, and shopped in the historic KaDeWe.  A few of us even visited a relic of the Cold War - an underground fallout shelter. 

With the night train on Saturday night, we were given almost another day to relax.  We would need it.

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